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While there is a lot of bravado about passing the driving test at the very first attempt you may be surprised and a little bit relieved that actually not everyone does, in fact there are quite a number of people who fail and need extra help. But it is not your fault...

You can hardly say driving is a natural thing to do especially when you consider most people cant run at 25kph  and yet you will do 100kph in the car in just a few seconds. So if you have been feeling the blues about not passing, be more realistic and don't worry about it.

Helping You Pass

I have written a very special course of driving lessons just for people who need the extra support and we start by looking at your driving and seeing the differences between the level you are at and the standard you need to be. 

The purpose of this is to clearly understand what you need to learn and we will concentrate on those aspects. Don't worry I will make it easy for you. Where perhaps you may not have previously understand your last driving instructor I will make sure my teaching skills help you to make good sense.

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driving lessons geelong
driving lessons geelong
driving lessons geelong