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Did you know more people feel nervy about driving than they ever let on? Being a driving instructor is actually quite revealing because in my estimation about 25% of people put their hand up to say they are short on confidence when it comes to driving and probably all learner drivers will feel edgy about learning at some point. So why am I writing this? Because you are not on your own.

My confidence building course is a little bit good if I do say so myself, whether you are feeling a little anxious, you know butterflies in your belly or sweaty palmed, right the way through to needing to concentrate on your breathing I can help you.

We'll start by working to your limits, are you ok with that? And we will continue with you being the guide when it comes to feeling uncomfortable. My course will then guide you through on feeling better so you become more relaxed and importantly in control.

You will probably agree that driving nerves come from not having that control aspect, it is a bit like the fear of heights, we have the fear because we feel our control is loosening and there a greater risk to you. It is actually a very natural thing to have and its your inner mind releasing chemicals in your brain to warn you of danger, what we need to do is control that.

Let me help you, you will really enjoy it.

driving lessons geelong
driving lessons geelong
driving lessons geelong