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You are ready to go out and get your driving licence and when you live in Geelong is it something you have to do sooner in life so you can get ahead fast.


I personally understand you want to enjoy your driving lessons, experience great value for money and to get all the skills you need to pass first time...So read more on how I am going to help you...

driving lessons geelong

Getting Your P's

You have been thinking for some time about driving, and when you live in Geelong everyone needs to drive, especially if you want to get on in life. Because I understand you need to drive I have designed a learning program that will help give you all the skills you need to be a great driver and to show you are worthy of your drivers licence.

About The Car

You will be driving my Subaru Impreza, yes you read that right. You won't be able to drive a car like this again for some time now so choose my car to pass your test in. 

How Many Hours Do You Need?

Most learner drivers will need around 15 hours of professional tuition, but whether you need fewer or more hours is totally down to you.  Many learners actually go on to take many more hours so they not only learn how to drive but understand how to keep themselves safe on the road. 

A major issue as a learner driver you need to consider is not just your ability to drive and keep safe, but to keep yourself safe from other drivers and hazards. While I can help teach you the technical skills needed to drive, experience is essential and I can provide those driving lessons for you.

Your First Driving Lesson

On your first driving lesson you will be driving and depending how well you do and where you live my aim is to get you driving home on your first lesson. But if you are a bit nervous and live on a busy street we may need to do this on a later driving lesson.


Building Corner Stones
Road Rules
By understanding these road rules; you will be able to interact with other road users safely. Hazard Awareness Helping to identify road hazards and not become one yourself, then learn how to react, and avoid accordingly. Road Signs and Markings Assisting in the understanding of signs, road markings and speed zones. (Safety First) Safe System of Car Control Teaching the safe system of car control, will not only help you to be in the right place, at the right time, and the right speed, to remain safe after obtaining your Vic Roads Provisional License, (P’s Test) but also help you to be confident and experienced enough, to enjoy your driving years ahead. I am flexible and want you to enjoy your driving experience. Pick up and drop off from convenient locations: such as home, school or work is readily available, with-in the Geelong-Bellarine Region Lessons Lessons will be designed around the progress of each student. As you are all individual, the programing structure will be designed to suit your needs. Not moving forward to the next step until the student is confident within themselves. Lessons will be wide and varied driving conditions, including Vic roads test route knowledge, based on the level of each student. Parents are welcome to come on lessons, to see the progress being made, and to also ask and have questions answered. Information will be given if they wish to be able to maintain the same confident training techniques on their supervising drives

driving lessons geelong
driving lessons geelong
driving lessons geelong
I really loved my driving lessons with Helen she made it very easy for me

From Geelong
I highly recommend Helen to anyone looking to get their drivers licence

From Geelong
I found Helen to be a really good driving instructor. She made everything very simple and I enjoyed my lessons.

From Geelong

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